GMC Sierra comes with expanded towing and trailer options for 2016 image

The 2016 GMC Sierra can now be fitted from the factory with a new gooseneck/fifth-wheel trailering preparation package and even a trailering camera system.

The specialist brand has revealed the 2016 Sierra and Sierra HD pickup trucks will be enhanced specifically for towing and trailering duties. The Sierra HD will now be fitted with a new gooseneck/fifth-wheel trailering prep package which is $350 and includes a frame-mounted hitch platform that hosts a gooseneck ball hitch or fifth-wheel hitch. Owners also get a trailer wiring harness and a cap that hides the hitch platform when it’s not in use. While very affordable, the package will bring the truck to a trailering rating of up to 23,200 pounds.

GMC Sierra comes with expanded towing and trailer options for 2016 4

Additionally the Sierra 1500 and Sierra HD can also get a high-tech trailering camera system that will set buyers back $999. Developed with input from Echomaster, the new system has two mirror-mounted cameras and a rear camera – with infrared lighting technology – attached to the back of a trailer. The footage becomes available via the IntelliLink infotainment system’s display. The system can also receive inputs from a fourth camera that can be fitted inside the trailer to monitor horses or other livestock during transport. And we can also imagine wild parties going inside those trailers with direct feed over the Internet on YouTube – after all these trucks don’t always get acquired because they are a capable workhorse on their own.