That’s the message Mary Barra, GM’s executive vice president of global product development and global purchasing and supplies chain, has been preaching to employees at the Detroit-based automaker.

Considering she’s seen by many as the next in line the CEO job when Dan Akerson leaves the automaker, we actually think that folks out there employed by GM might actually be inclined to listen to her advice.

During Fortune‘s Most Powerful Women Summit on Wednesday, she talked about the many endeavors and problems she’s facing or had to resolve during her tenure at the automaker, including her desire to give more power to employees.

“(Employees) want to go and do their best. I feel so much of what I need to do is set up the systems, enable the processes and have the right leadership,” Barra said, adding that finding ways to motivate employees is tough at a company with a long history. She’s worked at “getting rid of that bureaucracy that can creep into a company that’s a hundred years old,” she said, especially during her time in charge of human resources at the company.

She is no small player, as the executive in charge of GM’s $15 billion vehicle development operations, her task is to continue the company’s product evolution, including producing compelling vehicles for customers.



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