GM’s CEO talks about the ignition switch recall image

Mary Barra, General Motors Chief Executive Officer, took the time to address the newest and biggest problem the US automaker is facing since she took the reigns in January.

In a true executive manner she addressed the situation in a letter to the company’s employees, saying again that the automaker was sorry for the recall that has already seen 13 deaths linked to it, with the company hard at work to safeguard customer satisfaction.

Barra said in the letter posted on GM Fastlane that employees should expect “additional developments in the near term” as the company launched an internal investigation “to give us an unvarnished report on what happened.”

“We will hold ourselves accountable and improve our processes so our customers do not experience this again. While I deeply regret the circumstances that brought us to this point, I appreciate how today’s GM has responded so far,” Barra added. “Our company’s reputation won’t be determined by the recall itself, but by how we address the problem going forward.”

Safety regulators at the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration opened last week an investigation to see how GM addressed the recall that ultimately encompassed more than 1.6 million cars – the NHTSA could press civil and criminal charges against the automaker, besides a maximum fine of $35 million if NHTSA finds out the automaker didn’t notify the safety regulator within five days it first found out of the defect.