GM’s Congressional probe hearing set after internal probe completion image

According to a US Senate aid, the next round of inquiries related to the Congress probe on GM’s recall that was long delayed, would be scheduled only after the US automaker finishes its own internal review on the matter.

The No.1 US carmaker has recalled since late February several models and a total of 2.6 million cars in relation to a defective ignition switch that caused at least 31 crashes and was linked to 13 deaths.

With documents showing the company had knowledge on the matter at least since 2004, General Motors is facing no less than five different probes from US legislators, one of the most important being held by the Senate panel and a House of Representatives Energy and Commerce subcommittee.

“Senator (Claire) McCaskill’s Consumer Protection subcommittee does intend to hold a follow-up hearing to gain more information surrounding the General Motors recall but will not set a date until after GM’s internal investigation into the matter is complete,” said panel spokesman Andy Newbold.

For its own internal investigation GM called for attorney Anton Valukas to lead the proceedings, with the company announcing that he would need around 45-60 days for his investigation on the way the company handled the ignition switch problem. That would mean that between mid-May and the start of June Valukas should complete his review.

Via Reuters