GM’s designers catering for sinkhole-damaged one millionth Corvette image

What was turned into a total wreckage once stood as the proud one-millionth Chevrolet Corvette – but the GM designers and engineers are well on their way to restore it to pristine condition.

The anniversary model was part of the collection of Corvettes damaged by the surprising sinkhole, 30 feet deep, that appeared in the floor of the National Corvette Museum, in Bowling Green, Kentucky, more than a year ago. Now, GM’s design experts are almost complete with the repairs, even as the battered unit looked beyond repair when the GM design center in Warren, Michigan received it. Now, even the metal frame for the windshield, which seemed akin to crumpled tin can when the car arrived, has been saved as the automaker is willing to go the distance to save as many parts possible from the original car. “There’s only one car that’s the millionth Corvette, and we want to save as many of the original parts as possible,” comments David Bolognino, director of GM Design Fabrication.

And GM design chief Ed Welburn says the team is positive about their stride to also save all the signatures inside the car, even though the model has received extensive damage – back when it was fabricated, down the assembly line the workers in Bowling Green Assembly Plant signed off their names on the millionth Vette. The work included having the frame straightened and getting the car to running condition once more- the final steps involve cleaning and repairing the interior and seats.