GM’s former CEO Akerson joins Lockheed Martin’s board image

Akerson, the 65-year-old US Naval Academy graduate who retired early from his GM CEO mandate to aid his wife to battle cancer has been appointed to the board of US defense contractor Lockheed Martin.

Akerson, before becoming GM’s CEO (September 2010 – January 2014) served as the managing director of the Carlyle Group and previously held positions in the private equity and telecommunications fields.

At the moment, besides its new job for Lockheed Martin, he also serves for up to another year as an adviser to General Motor’s supervising board of directors. Mary Barra,the first female in such a high position in the automotive industry and a long time GM employee, assumed the role of CEO from January 15, after previously holding the position of global product chief.

Akerson, who initially planned to leave GM in late 2014, resigned from its CEO and chairman positions at GM to help his wife, Karin, fight a sudden diagnosis of advanced-stage cancer.