GM’s Global Sales During First Half Up 4% on China and US Growth image

In the first half of the year GM’s global sales increased almost 4%, thanks to increased demand in China and the US.

GM, the no.1 US automaker, managed to sell more than 4.85 million vehicles in the first six months of the year, as demand in the China and the US increased by 7% in each. The strong results helped GM keep its lead ahead of VW in the race for the world’s largest automaker spot. VW reported sales for the first half up 5.5% to 4.7 million vehicles.

In 2012 Toyota took the title from GM with 9.75 million vehicles sold, compared with GM’s 9.28 million vehicles and VW’s 9.07 million. Toyota has been the world’s largest automaker from 2008 to 2010, but lost the crown in 2011 due to a massive US recall and the natural disasters which disrupted production in Japan.

GM’s International operations saw sales in the first half going up 7% to 1.92 million vehicles, with China up 11% to a record 1.57 million vehicles, North America up 7.7% to 1.64 million units and the US up 8% to 1.42 million units. In Europe sales dropped 6.5% to 797,000 vehicles and 1% in South America to 497,000 units.

Chevrolet’s sales increased 1.4% to 2.5 million vehicles, with US up 5.6% to 1 million units, China up 6.1% to 322,000 units and Brazil up 5.1% to 305,000 units.

Source: Reuters