GM’s green message: Bolt is an electric for the masses image

General Motors, while still a few years away from actually putting its first electric vehicle in showrooms, has already upped the marketing hype surrounding its upcoming Bolt battery-operated vehicle.

Car buyers are not overly mesmerized by the Holy Grail of electric vehicles – the green autos have been around for some while now and failed to spark the kind of auto revolution the industry had hoped for. Two main reasons – initial price is very high and mileage is very low. Those two issues could be addressed to some extent by the upcoming Chevrolet Bolt. It’s going to be a 200 mile range all-electric car that doesn’t take off into the sunset with all the economies in the bank. Electric buzz in the US is usually mesmerized by the youngest publicly traded automaker in America – Elon Musk’s Tesla Motors. The carmaker owns the hype around affordable electric cars thanks to the 2017 Model 3 sedan, tentatively priced at around $35,000 before incentives.

But GM has been trying to swing the buzz in its favor with the $30,000 Bolt (after subisides), from chief executive officer Mary Barra claiming the plug-in hybrid Volt and all-electric upcoming Bolt are green vehicles for the masses to the fact that its 55 Bolt prototypes have proven the engineers were right when claiming a 200-miel range between charges. And GM already offers a mass-market electric vehicle – the Spark EV, which comes with an 80-miles range and a price well under $25,000 before even factoring in the federal tax credit.

Via Forbes