WikiLeaks has been publishing for some time now the hacked emails from Hillary Clinton Campaign Chairman John Podesta, and it turns out experts from the auto industry were among the contenders for the Vice Presidential nominee.

Among them was General Motors Chairperson and CEO Mary Barra and the Clinton staff also considered Secretary of Transportation Anthony Foxx. The hacked email from Podesta’s Gmail account was dated right after Clinton took more delegates than Bernie Sanders in the Super Tuesday primaries. It was a list consisting of 39 names, though it was made up before Clinton would have seen it or discuss it. Podesta was then running the persons for additions or subtractions before the campaign actually started the vetting process.

The list had Barra grouped with other businesspeople, including Apple boss Tim Cook, both Bill and Melinda Gates, and Starbucks Chairman and CEO Howard Schultz. Barra has been General Motors’ CEO since Dan Akerson retired in early 2014 and had to endure the full force of the company’s ignition switch recall. She came out on top and has since been elected by the board of directors as Chairwoman of the Board in January this year. Hilary Clinton has already made up her mind in the meantime, with Senator Tim Kaine as her vice president.

Via The Detroit News, Wikileaks


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