Chevrolet’s Malibu family of models holds the ungrateful honor of being the most recalled model to date – although the recall notoriety this year certainly belongs to Chevy’s Cobalt compact.

So far, this is the year of recalls for General Motors, which has called back in no less than 29 separate accounts its models, reaching a record (for the period) total of 15.8 million units, covering 36 different models.

“The recalls will have limited impact on GM’s sales,” Buckingham Research Group’s Joe Amaturo said. “To date, there has been no measurable impact in the marketplace, and we believe that will continue.”

Among them for the public stands out the Chevrolet Cobalt, a compact car last manufactured back in 2010, which became infamous for its association with the scandal revolving around GM’s late February recall of cars equipped with defective ignition switches.

But, so far as statistical data is concerned, the most recalled car is the family that includes the Chevrolet Malibu, Malibu Maxx, Saturn Aura and Pontiac G6. These midsize cars have been called back in for the model years 2004 to 2012, with 2.4 million units in for a defective electrical controller. On the other hand, the Cobalt and its related models, like Saturn’s Ion “only” make up for around 2.19 million recalled cars.

Via Wall Street Journal


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