GM’s new CEO could earn $14.4 million this year image

Mary Barra, which sets the bar quite high by being the first auto industry female chief executive officer, could earn in 2014 as much as $14.4 million in cash and stock this year, an amount that would be 60 % bigger than what her predecessor gained.

The automaker further shed light on the matter, as it previously announced that Barra would only gain up to $4.4 million in cash and stock compensation for 2014 – but it now disclosed that the original amount did not count their long-term compensation plan, which tallies another $10 million.

“As a new CEO, Mary’s total compensation is in line with her peer group and properly weighted so that most is at-risk,” GM Chairman Tim Solso said in a statement. “The company’s performance will ultimately determine how much she is paid.”

Gm also said these figures are released now, before its proxy filing, due out this April “to correct misperceptions created by comparisons that used only a portion of Barra’s overall compensation.”

Dan Akerson, who stepped down in January from the CEO position received in 2012 (2013 figures have not been disclosed) $9 million in cash and stock and another $2 million in restricted stock units from 2011.

Via Reuters