GM’s New Mid-Size Trucks Hit the Market in 2014 image

GM’s all-new midsize trucks will be unveiled this autumn and will reach the market in 2014, according to GM North America President Mark Reuss.

“Don’t think of them as Canyon and Colorado replacements because they’re not,” Reuss said.

In 2012 GM ended production of the GMC Canyon and the Chevrolet Colorado trucks, which were manufactured at the Shreveport Assembly Plant in Louisiana. Reuss said that the Chveorlet truck was designed as a sport and lifestyle truck, while the GMC midsize truck will have “95 percent duty cycle of big Sierra with a lot more fuel economy.”

“We’re going to really target different buyers with these two trucks,” he told reporters after his speech. “We’d love to have a truck like a Chevrolet midsize truck to really attack the West Coast with a lifestyle truck that is really beautiful and fun. It’s a different positioning than a semi serious duty cycle truck that we might do with a GMC Canyon.”

Reuss added that the new trucks will not share the same powertrains as the larger trucks, will offer better fuel economy and will most likely get new names because they are so different from the previous models. The vehicles will be manufactured at GM’s Wentzville Assembly Plant, Missouri.