GM’s Opel Aims for Russia and Turkey Growth image

GM CEO Dan Akerson said that Opel will expand in Russia and Turkey to make up for the loss in Europe.

“For Opel, Russia is of great importance, ” Akerson told the Bild am Sonntag in an interview published on Sunday. “In a few years time, the Russian market could become bigger than the German one.”

According to Opel CEO Karl-Thomas Neumann the automaker is increasing almost twice as fast as the market in Russia, after it sold last year almost 80,000 vehicles in the region. Neumann said that is Russia the brand is seen as a “quintessentially German brand” and it almost has a premium image.

“We see a similar picture in Turkey where we sell some 50,000 Opels this year,” said Neumann.

After entering the Singapore, Chile and Australia markets in 2012 and the United Arab Emirates this year, Opel plans to continue the expansion strategy. The executive said that for the moment the automaker will avoid the Chinese market, as exposure here will made the company lose “hundreds of millions of euro.” Opel’s vehicles have the same quality as those of VW, but are offered at a lower price. Therefore Opel plans to enhance its lineup so that customers will pay more for an Opel vehicle.