GM’s recalls are not over yet image

According to the company’s chief executive, Mary Barra, the US automaker has not yet dealt with all possible recalls, as the No. 1 US automaker is still reviewing internal data to avoid any more safety problems.

The series started with the well known 2.6 million cars recall over defective ignition switches – with the company’s mishandling prompting public outcry, numerous lawsuits and a series of federal probes, including from the US Congress.

General Motors has already managed to surpass any previous record of recalls as it has so far issued recalls for over 20 million cars worldwide – including over 6 million cars related to the faulty ignition switch.

The latest recall issued by the automaker – 33,000 brand new 2014 Chevrolet Cruze sedans were also related to the other recall “champion” of the year – Japan’s Takata Corp. – which grapples with a long string of recalls over faulty airbags.

“We’re going to continue to look at the data that we get, and we’re going to take the action that we need,” Barra told NBC’s “Today” show. “If we find an issue, we’re going to deal with it.”

So, there we have it – the problems in General Motors are running so deep that the automaker itself acknowledges that it needs more time to peer through all available data on its cars – that’s even as the US recalled cars already exceed what forecasters predict for new car sales form all automakers this year.

Via Reuters