The NO.1 US automaker is facing a huge public relations scandal because of the late February recall of 2.6 million cars over issues with a defective ignition switch, with probes from every possible federal body seeking to find why GM was late in calling back the cars.

So, with a lot of heat coming from the ignition switch problem, General Motors seems to be finding more and more cars that have problems and need to be recalled, as the company yesterday announced its latest five recalls encompass no less than 3 million cars – adding on the company books a charge of around $200 million.

“We have redoubled our efforts to expedite and resolve current reviews in process and also have identified and analyzed recent vehicle issues which require action,” GM’s global vehicle safety chief, Jeff Boyer, said in a statement.

The largest of the late recalls, which is even bigger than the one covering the models with ignition switch issues, covers north of 2.7 million units, among them the Chevrolet Malibu, Pontiac G6 and Saturn Aura models, in respect to tail lamp malfunctions. The other four have models like the Malibu, Chevy Corvette sports cars, Cadillac CTS sedans and full-size trucks and SUVs, with most of them located in the US.

Via Reuters


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