GM’s victims fund death claims tally at 131 image

The General Motors victims compensation fund overseen by outside attorney Ken Feinberg has seen this week a rather sharp increase in claims, including another six fatality claims adding to the tally.

According to Camille Biros, deputy administrator of the seemingly independent fund has announced that the total claims number has now reached 482 individual claims – including 131 for accidents involving fatalities. The total claims number has climbed 8% since the end of last week, when it stood at 445 claims, including 125 for deaths. Further braking down the numbers, we now have 62 claims for very serious injuries and 289 for minor ones, up from 58 and 262 respectively last Friday.

The fund – which GM so far allocated around $400 million, adding there’s no cap in place – has been accepting claims since the beginning of August and will continue to do so until the year’s end.

While General Motors so far only acknowledged 13 deaths linked to the recall of 2.6 million cars equipped with a defective ignition switch, the funds administrator – which supervised similar trusts for the victims of the 9/11 terror attacks and 2010 BP oil spill – has already accepted the claims for 19 fatalities. There are also another 12 claims approved – four involving serious injury.

Via Detroit News