With production now officially over for the iconic off-roader, there’s an interesting way of showing love for the model – steal it.

That’s because even thieves know their motoring icon history – if the production of the Defender is over that means no more units of the original iconic will be delivered from dealerships. And since Land Rover is taking its sweet time before releasing a successor, the Defender is turning out as a collectible these days. According to a report coming from Wards Auto, Defender shenanigans which might get you visiting the Police section have soared an incredible 75 percent since production ceased not long ago. It’s true that interest in the vehicle has rise since the production ended, but it’s still unclear why thieves are becoming so aggressive. After all we’re talking about a model that can survive pretty much anything, so even two or three decade old examples are on the road.

Of course, being so simple and basic means the thieves don’t have to worry about the latest alarm – making the Defender an easy prey. NFU Mutual, a rural insurance agency in the United Kingdom, also corroborates the report claiming at least 500 Defenders were stolen in the country in 2015. Now, owners of Defenders have been cautioned to install tracking devices to enable Police to find them before they leave the country – many of the stolen examples are hard to find because they quickly leave for export markets.

Via Motor Authority


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