The American automaker is immediately stirring up visions of Gotham city crime fighting in this huge ultra-luxury coupe that wants to give Rolls-Royce a run for its money, on CNG.

That’s right, this Art-Deco-inspired model is not only looking ginormous but it also allegedly runs on CNG – though we shouldn’t hold our breath for its arrival because Batman has its own vehicles already as we saw in the Justice League trailers and Godsil actually first announced the Manhattan V16 way back in 2013. Years later, and with the 2014 reveal date well overdue, we are treated to fresh renders of the Art-Deco coupe – which is no guarantee anything in the metal will actually appear anytime soon. The motto, “what would a Duesenberg look like today if they were still in business?” is allowing us to glimpse into the designer’s head…

Godsil Motorcars teases Manhattan V16, an ultra-luxury coupe for Batman 1

The Manhattan’s design is quite interesting – taking its rightful place in the retro-futuristic luxury coupe segment, next to the 2010 Maybach Exelero, for example. It comes with a massive, vented hood and boat-tail rear. There are numerous luxury elements – brushed stainless steel trim, as well as imposing dimensions. It comes with a 134-inch wheelbase, more than the 130.7-inch Rolls-Royce Phantom Coupe. Suicide doors and a dual-overhead cam, 13-liter V16 powerplant that would use compressed natural gas and deliver around 1,000 horsepower are also included in the plans.


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