Goodyear wins suit dismissal over French plant closing image

Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co. won dismissal of a $4 million US lawsuit by French workers challenging the shuttering of a plant in Amiens after a judge said the decision didn’t violate an employee bonus agreement.

Goodyear worker Mickael Wamen and an employees’ representative council claimed the company breached its promises under the production bonus pact by directing a decrease in plant output. The workers sought class action, or group status for all employees of the Amiens North facility who worked there since January 2009. They sought damages of about $4 million. The lawsuit was filed last year in Ohio state court in Akron, where the tire maker is based. Goodyear had the case shifted to Akron federal court a month later.

“The amended complaint does not point to any provision of the bonus agreement that was breached,” US District Judge Sara Lioi in Akron said yesterday, throwing out the case. “The agreement, itself, does not guarantee any particular level of production, nor does it prohibit the downsizing of production,” she said. “In fact, the agreement does not even ensure that the plant will remain open for any period of time.”

Just as a reminder, in France the workers and the union even sought a rather violent manner to impose their claims as Police had to intervene and liberate a manager held hostage.

Via Bloomberg