Google’s automatic Toyota Prius car has created a chain accident, but ironically, the vehicle was driven manually when the incident occurred.

The Prius owned by Google hit another Prius, which accidentally or not is the same generation and has the same color as the internet giant’s vehicle, which hit a Honda Accord which in its turn hit another Honda Accord and the other Accord hit another Prius.

Even though the accident sounds like something major, no one was injured and nothing was affected, except metal.

“Safety is our number one priority. One of our goals is preventing accidents like this one, which happened while a person was manually driving the Google car”, said a spokesman of the American Corporation.

Cover-up or a simple human error, Google’s officials didn’t want to explain how the accident occurred, but one thing is for sure: I wouldn’t want to be the driver who smashed Google’s “eco-friendly” car filled with technology.


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