Google Assistant available to control Genesis cars image

Hyundai’s premium subsidiary Genesis is decidedly on the tech side, allowing any technology passionate to take advantage of numerous opportunities to interact with its cars.

Not long ago we saw Genesis moving the ubiquitous user manual from printed format to the augmented reality 3D domain – if the user chose to. Now they’re making it easier for the technology passionate to interact with their new purchases. The automaker’s smartphone app can now use Google Assistant alongside the customer’s Genesis Connected Services account. After the matchup is complete, the owner will be able to control certain functions via text or voice communication from within Google Assistant. Genesis Connected Services is fairly similar to other such programs from luxury automakers – free for three years on the G80 and G90.

It’s also available to cater for a wide range of features, from automatic collision notifications and SOS emergency assistance to navigation and map updates, along with a variety of control functions such as remote start, remote lock and remote shut down. With the Google Assistant functionality, text or voice commands can be issued across any device supporting the latter, such as Google Home.