Google Glass Allows Tesla Model S Owners Control Their Vehicles image

Software engineer Sahas Katta has recently Glasstesla, which is the first app for Google Glass platform and which helps owners of Tesla Model S sedan control the vehicle.

During the first quarter Tesla sold around 4,750 Model S sedans in the US, but unfortunately the Google Glass Explorer program included only 2,000 owners. The Glasstesla, based on Tesla’s Android app, was not created to be used while driving, but to control the car while it’s parked.

“I think this absolutely highlights the potential of wearable technology and how it will interact with the tools we use every day,” Katta said.

Using the app customers can turn charging on and off, adjust the car’s internal temperature, open and close the sunroof, honk the horn,flash the lights or even find their cars in a crowded parking lot. Katta said that the head-up display functionality is not available yet, but that he will add it when Google will open up its voice API for Glass.

“I’m already working on it,” Katta said. “We’ll soon be able to do something along the lines of being able to say ‘OK Glass, open the trunk,’ for when you’re carrying groceries and your hands aren’t free.”
Katta plans to expand the app with voice controls, to open the truck, the sunroof, lock the doors or get a notification when the vehicle is fully charged.