Mercedes-Benz has a navigation system that can merge the experience of driving with “digital living.” They are essentially using Google’s Glass, a pair of glasses that have a voice-activated interface.

Mercedes’ plan is to give drivers access to the same level of information in their cars as they have on their smartphones, PCs and other digital goodies. The Mercedes version of the Google Glass system offers several functions. For example, it can help a driver get to his or her car and give a destination to the car’s navigation system. When the driver get out, Google Glass takes over again, bringing the wearer to the final destination.

“This is an example of a seamless transition as you stay connected when you get to your car, when you drive, and when you leave your car,” said Johann Jungwirth, head of Mercedes’ North American R&D.

Mercedes says it will only offer the Google Glass application when Google makes its Google Glass commercially available. According to Jungwirth, Mercedes could also move ot introduce additional infotainment applications for the Google Glass. Analysts think that other automakers will also make Google Glass applications, even if Mercedes competitors such as Audi and BMW have not yet released any plans. 

Via Automotive News Europe


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