Google Introduced Live Traffic Service in Other Countries image

Recently Google announced it plans to expand its traffic information coverage to Latin American countries, including Costa Rica, Colombia and Panama.

Besides the three countries in Latin America, Google will also bring real-time traffic conditions and estimated travel times to 130 cities in the United States, including Tuscaloosa, Portland and Kalamazoo. Customers can check traffic conditions using an Android gadget or searching the Google browser.

Tuesday, August 7th, developers reminded users on Google’s official blog that they “can help fellow drivers and improve traffic data by using Google Navigation or Google Maps for Mobile while traveling.”

The information offered by Live Traffic service comes mostly from Google Maps and Google Navigation users that share location data with the company. Besides the fact that it expands in new countries, Google has also announced that it improved the service in Canada, China, Brazil, France, Italy, Germany, the Czech Republic, Russia, Mexico, Britain, and Spain.

The company launched the live traffic feature in Google Maps in 2007 to help drivers get the latest information in traffic congestion and receive at any time reports based on predictions of typical traffic conditions. Earlier this year Google introduced the service in countries such as Romania, New Zealand and Mexico.