Google is going to Phoenix, Arizona to test its driverless vehicles image

The search giant is going to expand its area of testing for its self-driving prototypes to Phoenix, Arizona in a bid to further develop its testing program.

The US tech giant is going now into its fourth city where it will test its autonomous model – the reason for choosing Phoenix, Arizona being the weather and other intricate atmospheric conditions. More precisely Google’s experts want to look into the way their driverless cars handle both scorching temperatures and high quantities of dust – and apparently, Phoenix is the best location in the US to have both. According to a recent report, Google will start by carefully mapping the entire city and only afterwards commence full autonomous test drives. That’s because Google needs up to spec info on the streets, lane markers, traffic signals, and even curb heights.

The Mountain View company has been testing self-driving cars on US streets for about six years now, with the autonomous fleet travelling more than 1.5 million miles (2.4 million kilometers). We’ll be looking into Google’s advancements carefully as always in a bid to see how one of the unconventional “automakers” fares in the new automotive race of driverless cars. Of course their ultimate goal is to create a viable commercial model that can be sold to everyone.