Google Maps Return to iPhone After Apple Fiasco image

After iOS 6 did away with Google’s mapping, the company has returned with a vengeance.

After iOS turned its back to Google for Apple’s in-house solution, customers have been waiting for a return. Now nobody doubts that Google Maps is the best map and location software, compared with Apple Maps which is some way off the required standard.

Today, December 15th, Google Maps made the application available for the entire public. Customers can downloaded for free via Apple’s App Store for any iPod and iPhone. The software offers turn-by-turn navigation, directions, Street View, and imagery.

Apple’s Maps have been the critics’ target since it was launched together with iOS 6. The company’s CEO Tim Cook even apologized for the lack of accurate maps. Google on the other hand, with years of experiencing, testing and perfecting its maps, never confronted with such a problem. And now, the company which brought for the first time mobile maps on the market, returned with its long waited for upgraded software.

“Google Maps, as much as any other map application, lives from the data that we receive. The more we can give you the ability to let us know about things that are changing on the map, the more other users will benefit from that corrected information,” said project manager Kai Hansen.