Google may team up with Fiat Chrysler to build self-driving cars image

Various reports have lately suggested that Google and Fiat Chrysler are in advanced talks over a self-driving car partnership.

Google has already revealed that it is looking to closing alliances with some major automakers that will allow the internet giant to mass-produce its self-driving technologies it has been intensely testing for quite some time now. Some previous reports were showing that Google has been engaged in talks with Ford Motor for the American automaker to build autonomous cars for the search company. However, it seems that the two parties have not reached a common ground, as Google is now close to agreeing on an alliance with Fiat Chrysler, which could be announced soon.

The talks were first reported by the blog, for later to be confirmed to Reuters by three sources familiar with the situation. It appears to be the right match, as FCA’s CEO Sergio Marchionne has been long looking into finding a partner to help the automaker’s growing ambitions. He recently said the company was in talks with an advanced technology firm, but offered no details. While Fiat Chrysler desperately needs a partnership who is able to bring major technological know-how to keep FCA in the game, Google also needs a “platform” to fit in its advanced autonomous systems, as it does not want to spend billions of dollars to build its own cars.

Via Reuters