Apple and Google are ready for another global battle – market share in the automotive industry. The two combatants have moved to extend their smartphone functionality to the car’s infotainment system and dashboard, in the form of Android Auto and CarPlay.

The two platforms have been announced last year, as extensions of the smartphone operating systems – you plug in your smartphone, it gets locked and you access its main functions – calling, texting, apps, navigation through the car’s own infotainment system and screen. The two services have been rather dormant, but the rollouts are now creeping in – Apple said months ago it partnered with numerous automakers and now Hyundai and Google used the 2015 Sonata to introduce the first ever car with Android Auto. And, according to IHS, the trend is now taking off just like a space craft at Cape Canaveral – by the start of the next decade, almost 40 million autos would have Android Auto and around 37.1 million vehicles would be equipped with Apple’s CarPlay. And estimates made by BI Intelligence say the numbers practically cover all the auto launched with connected car services.

The report released by BI Intelligence showcases how the connected car is most likely the next market for every company interested in developing new digital platforms – and most likely the new global battleground for the two technology giants. Both platforms allow users to run some of their smartphone apps while using the car’s infotainment system, opening a world of opportunities. Also, third party applications will soon become available – and revenue will be flowing much in the way it does from the mobile operating systems in recent years.

Via Business Insider


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