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MyGoPet, Inc. has announced the availability of the GoPet Personal Electric Transportation scooter, a new three-wheeled electric vehicle that’s an easy-to-ride, earth-friendly alternative to other forms of transportation. GoPet is designed for numerous applications including moving personnel quickly around industrial areas, giving police/security officers a wider range of patrol, offering students an economical way to hurry around campus and giving individuals a substitute for cars and bicycles.

The powerful 48 volt, 350 watt front hub direct drive motor system moves GoPet at speeds up to 16 mph and can range up to 25 miles on a single charge using about 10 cents worth of electricity. Recharging takes 4-6 hours with a 110 volt smart charger that turns off when the battery is completely charged.

GoPet features a stable, three-wheel platform that is both safe and comfortable. Front and rear pneumatic tires give GoPet a smooth ride. Non-marking tires are also available for inside applications. Thick rubber pads prevent rider fatigue while the familiar hand braking system provides reliable intuitive stopping. Adjustable handlebars make GoPet perfect for riders of all heights.

“While some two-wheel electric vehicles carry a high-tech image, GoPet is faster, goes further on a charge and is much easier to ride compared to the most popular two-wheel personal mobility device,” according to Tom Murphy, GoPet General Manager. “And GoPet retai

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ls at about one-fifth the cost of a comparable Segway scooter,” Murphy adds.

Each GoPet scooter includes assembly tools, headlight, taillight, horn and basket. Options include a seat, folding handlebar and trailer. GoPet carries a 90 day warranty covering the battery, motor, controller, frame and charger.

GoPet complies with most state and local laws for personal mobility devices but riders are advised to check their local vehicle regulations.

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  • gopetorlando

    I've had my GoPet for one month and love it. If you are in the Orlando Florida area and want a test ride and/or want to buy one that is already assembled please come see me.