Graf Weckerle Ferrari 458 Italia image

In the beginning of the year 2011, Graf Weckerle had released details and images of their Ferrari 599 GTB and continued with its make. This time, it is the Graf Weckerle Ferrari 458.

Graf Weckerle has got the honor to highlight something new to the car.

Accordingly, the German company has successfully merged the classic styled adornments and lavishness with the modern day supercars. This new model is been featured to honor and celebrate the tradition and spirit of the French champagne makers. As far as the latest project is concerned, they are working on the 458 Italia that obtained a specific treatment. This treatment includes 21-inch Graf Weckerle’s iconic fleur-de-lis wheels. All these wheels are hand assembled, collected from 184 individual pieces.

Apart from these hand assembled wheels, a hand painted Graf Weckerle striping made available with an integrated brand logo. The logo is being executed in a combination of red and black, and can be found placed on the side of the Ferrari 458. To enhance the looks of the car, exterior conversion is been used that seems complete with a set of better quality lowering coil springs. Its role is basically to optimize the looks of the car along with proper handling.

The engine has gained an upgrade which helps the 458 Italia to make its total output at 600 horsepower. The car has also received a new sports exhaust system. Besides, the interior features some options about customizations which can be done as per the demand of the customers. This car is on sale currently and its asking price is available on request.



By Sunita Mandal