Gray Design proposes a meeting of ages in woody supercar image

And after you get tired of driving your woody-inspired supercar you can switch to Gray’s other appropriate creations – an equally woody-inspired boat and motorcycle.

In case you’re like us – love restomods more than true classics – then you’d better wish Gray Design manages to somehow bring to life their ultimate car, motorcycle, and hydrofoil combination. That’s because they mixed modern design with the days when manufacturers had a knack for wood paneling. The Swedish firm’s latest fantastic dream is called the Hydra collection, and the associated renderings bring us a Hydra concept car, a Hydrafoil boat, and a Hydros motorcycle. The three mix “technology, style, and speed” into a single luxurious package, with retro-inspired wood paneling for a touch of elegance.

Gray Design proposes a meeting of ages in woody supercar 11

Take to the seas with the 31-foot (9.5-meter) Hydrafoil concept, a luxurious high-speed hydrofoil boat packed with a steerable front foil, allowing for adjustments of up to 32 times per second – and luxury features include wrap-around limousine seats, multiple infotainment displays, and even a set of bespoke luggage. Power comes from a set of lithium ion batteries and a single electric motor good for 100-horsepower (74-kilowatt), with top speed at 40 knots, and a range of 45 miles (72 kilometers) on a single charge.

Gray Design proposes a meeting of ages in woody supercar 1

Back on land, jump in the Hydra concept car, also nicknamed the “Woody of tomorrow,” the sports car is a roadster powered by a new NEVS electrical drive system, which has been modified for up to 450 hp (335 kW), allowing a max speed of up to 133 mph (215 kph). Then ride the Hydros electric motorcycle – which is the closest to actual production – using a ZERO electric motorcycle powertrain and in-house design.