Great Britain the latest to allow driverless car testing on public roads image

UK motorists will see next summer on their roads cars that can drive themselves, with the country’s government allowing testing of such vehicles on public roads.

The British government has conceded to the vehicle testing in order to attract investments in the country from companies that are developing the technology, given that forecasters believe the autonomous auto industry might be worth $1.37 trillion by 2025. According to a statement from the Department for Transport (DfT), just like in other countries, self-driving car testing would be allowed only if a person is present inside the vehicles – with the full ability to take command of the controls in case a problem appears.

The DfT announced that after reviewing driverless cars there were no legal barriers to ban purpose testing the technology on the country’s roads and also said it was now working on presenting a code of practice for autonomous vehicles. The legislation should be published this spring and first testing could commence later on in the summer. The trials for driverless cars on public roads also come after the government invested 19 million pounds in the technology in four cities. The UK officials also forecast the self-driving car industry could be worth around 900 billion pounds ($1.37 trillion) by 2025, with numerous automakers competing with technology companies for early access. Britain’s auto industry has been on the rise since the end of the 2009 financial crisis, with the country emerging as the second largest auto market in the region last year and a crucial export hub for global carmakers.

Via Automotive News Europe