Great looking and expensive Ferrari Daytona Spyder hitting the auction block image

Classic Ferraris are rare – well you know why. Which is why they’re priced pretty cool and out of the regular fan’s reach – just take this pristine and rare Daytona Spyder for example. It’s evaluated at more than two million euros.

The model will cross the auction block at RM Sotheby’s Rétromobile event sale in Paris in February 2017 and it should sell in between €1.7-2.2 million. Of course, there are few iterations of Ferrari models that are more Ferrari than a roadster with a V12 engine. The thing is the Italian automaker has been utterly Scroogy about these body styles – and when it actually does such a model it will manufacture very limited units. This is why such examples – like our Ferrari Daytona Spyder – become collectibles and are highly-sought among collectors. The drop-top, twelve-cylinder Prancing Horse became rare after enjoying some popularity in the 1950s and 60s – precisely with the 70s introduction of the angular Daytona.


Just 1,406 Daytonas have been estimated to have left the factory floor and just 122 of those left Maranello with a fabric roof. Numerous coupes were actually converted to the roadster body type afterwards – but this is one of the original Spyders going under the hammer. Chassis number 16801 has gone through a loving restoration – so the new owner has nothing to do but to marvel and wait for its value to increase even further.