Great Walls Plans Exports of 300,000 Units in 2015 image

Great Wall expects sales to reach 300, 000 units in 2015, with exports accounting for 20% of the company’s total sales.

At the beginning of this month, at the Beijing-Moscow Motor Rally 2012, Vice President Xing Wenlin declared Great Wall aims at increasing the number of its overseas plants from over 10 it currently has to 24 until 2015. All the factories combined are able to produce 500,000 units annually. Russia is Great Walls largest export market, where the company already has two factories and has plans to build the third one. The company expects to sell 100,000 vehicles in 2015 in Russia.

Earlier this month, the H5 SUV was named the official vehicle for the Year of Russian Tourism in China. After the celebration, ten GWM H5s and two GWM Steed pick-ups started a 15 000 km Beijing-Moscow Driving Tour. The cars began they trip on June 5th and are expected to arrive in Moscow on July 3rd, the 29-day journey featuring more than 20 stops. The tour was organized by World without Borders and sponsored by Great Wall Motors.

This is the perfect test to see the quality of the GWM H5 and Steed, which is doubtless after GWM’s Haval (H5) SUV team finished in the 7th place in the final rankings of the gruelling 2012 Dakar Rally.