While Clint Eastwood‘s halftime speech seems to be the Super Bowl ad that everyone’s talking about, Chevy’s end of the world commercial has been getting good feedback as well. It seems that Super Bowl Chevrolet commercials had the greatest digital impact based on social media, search and sentiment before and after Super Bowl XLVI.

For the second year in a row Chrysler impresses everyone with the Super Bowl commercial, highly considered a political ad, while the Chevy ad was more like a tough one but with a funny twist.

“Looking at the post Super Bowl metrics, the Social Mediasphere really responded to the Chevrolet commercials and its online marketing programs,” said Donald Nosek, vice president strategy for ymarketing. “

One GM ad that showed a Chevy Silverado truck surviving a 2012 Mayan end-of-the-world scenario won praise from marketing experts. In the ad, the truck’s driver looks for his friend, “Dave,” but learns that Dave, who drives a Ford, didn’t make it. A Ford attorney tried to convince GM not to run the commercial since insurance industry data show it is Ford the company that makes the safest pickup truck.


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