Greek farmer owns a Ferrari and a Porsche image

A Greek team of tax investigators have recently found a local farmer, in Thasos Island, who owned a red Ferrari and a Porsche.

Tax evading is a huge problem these days in Greece and while everyone is trying to find a way to avoid paying taxes, some of them manage do it, and this is the true story of a local farmer who is living on the Thasos Island and owning a red Ferrari and a Porsche. According to, Nikos Lekkas’ team of tax investigators found this case while following a lead and they were very surprised to find out that the Greek farmer owned two supercars, after declaring just 100.000 euros income over the past decade.

When confronted by the tax investigators, the 59 year old farmer said that everyone does this and all of his friends are exactly the same. “There are other tricks to evade taxes. You can pay lower contributions for your staff, for example, or issue other receipts with lower value added tax”, said the Greek farmer.

This isn’t the only similar case with tax avoidance in Greece and just a few months ago we’ve told you that there are more Porsche Cayenne SUVs locally than tax payers who can afford them after millions of residents underreported their incomes so they don’t pay income taxes. The highest rate of Porsche Cayenne owners is in an agricultural centre and national transportation hub, which is linked by rail and road to the Volos port, Athens and Thessaloniki.