GreenTech Automotive electric car maker announced it will unveil this Friday, June 6th, the MyCar electric vehicle line in Horn Lake, south of Memphis, Tenn.

The MyCar electric vehicle is somewhere between a conventional car and a golf cart. The company plans to sell the two-seat vehicle to Denmark over several years, since in the US such models are allowed only on streets with speed limits of 35 mph or lower. A car costs around $10,000 and can be charged from household electric outlets.

In 2009 GreenTech Automotive unveiled four full-sized electric cars at a Tunica casino and announced its plans of building a plant in Tunica County, Miss. Meanwhile those plans changed after McAuliffe got involved and GreenTech acquired MyCar. The company also declared it would start production in 2011 but missed that target too.

GreenTech Automotive still aims at building a 200,000- to 300,000-square-foot plant in Tunica County and to step from neighborhood EVs to full-sized cars. Until then the company is leasing a former elevator facility located in the Memphis suburbs of DeSoto County, Miss. The company didn’t give information on how much it had invested in the Horn Lake operation so far or whether it will seek foreign investors.


  1. There are many PR pieces on the Italian designed, China made MYCar, but for all that media push (trolling for investment dollar$) the product does not satisfy the U.S. driving conditions that are already in place. If work, shopping, leisure destinations were all accessible from 35 mph or less streets or roads, where you could drive an nEV legally at 25 mph, then MyCar and all other the many other nEVs would have a large market share. But in most cases, either a highway, or an above 35 mph road or expressway is required to get from point A to B and back. This means that while this $10k Electric (likely the lower-cost/less range PSO4 lead-acid version price) is a good entry level deal, in those cases it would not satisfy the driving needs U.S. consumers have to contend with. Craigslist is littered with nEVs for sale. Not because there is something wrong with a nEV, but the buyer found it did not meet the above needs as much as their life demanded. It would be worthy of the buyer's time to bring up and get to know MyCar before any money is plunked down. % I am for Electrics and have actively supported the EV-cause since 1990, but the consumer needs to ignore the bipartisan media hype, and do their homework before hand. % {}


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