GTA 5 Sales Break All Records in the UK Charts image

GTA 5 sales have broken all existing records and reached a revenue of £65 million in the UK alone.

Recently it was announced that GTA 5 has earned the Rockstar £500 million in only 24 hours! Almost two days later the figure was updated to more than $1 billion. According to the Eurogamer reports the game has dominated the charts in the UK to such an extend last week, that 9 out of 10 games sold in the country have been copies of the GTA 5.

GTA 5 is already on the 24th place as the best selling game in the UK and the figures during its opening week were 2.4 times higher compared with GTA 4 and higher than all other GTA title’s first weeks combined.

The previous record holder was Call of Duty: Black Ops with 1.57 million units sold in 24 hours and 2.25 million units sold overall, but GTA 5 surpassed first week selling number by 250,000 units. GTA 5 reached an amazing revenue of £65 million in the UK alone and got a Metacritic score of 98 becoming one of the best-reviewed games of all-time.