Guangzhou Toyota, also known as Guangqi Toyota, has announced that next year it will sell 267,000 vehicles (up from this year’s 209,400 units) and launch its new hybrid electric Camry in China, reported yesterday.

At the 2009 Shanghai auto show in April, Toyota Motor unveiled its Camry Hybrid to Chinese customers and said that its China venture Guangzhou Toyota would produce and sell the vehicle in the near future. The venture in southern China currently produces Toyota’s Camry, Highlander and Yaris models.

Feng Xingya, Executive Deputy Manager of Guangzhou Toyota, said that the Camry Hybrid sells well in the U.S. Toyota sells about 5,000 units of its new hybrid electric Camry per month. And it will also sell well in the Chinese market, he added.

The Camry Hybrid’s claim to fame is that its gasoline / electric engine will consume 35% less fuel than the more common locally built Camry cars. The Hybrid Camry also emits less than 150 grams of carbon dioxide per kilometer.

Toyota Motor has positioned hybrid systems as a core technology for lower exhaust emissions and higher fuel efficiency. It has also introduced hybrid models of the Lexus LS, GS and RX into the China market.


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