Guess who the leading global market for electric vehicles is! image

While answers such as the United States or China might jump in mind early on, we should note that size is not always the answer when talking about a niche offering such as electric vehicles.

The world’s leading electric vehicle market, with its 50,000th electric car registered in April and in the first quarter of the year selling 8,112 plug-in electric and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles is actually Norway, the northern European country. According to IHS Automotive, the nation has EVs and PHEVs accounting today for around a third of overall vehicle registrations. Compared to other countries, while the total figure is not above other, huge markets, the feat is quite the achievement. For example, the Netherlands took hold of 5,760 electric vehicles during the time and they only accounted for a 5.7 percent share of all registrations – and other major EV markets such as France and the United States only counted them for a 0.8 percent share of registrations. Meanwhile, in Norway they represented 33.1 percent of all vehicle registrations in the country.

According to Reuters, the massive sales of EVs and PHEVs (plug in hybrid electric vehicles) has taken a toll of 2 billion crowns ($267.79 million) on the government, with Norway having one of the best financial mediums for electric cars – with numerous tax cuts and benefits, such as exemptions from tolls and parking fees. Today, even though there’s an electric boom in Norway, EVs and PHEVs only make up around 2 percent of the total vehicles in use on the country’s roads, which is still an achievement since in other nations they make up just fractions of a percentage points.

Via Forbes