Guinness World Records: The longest motorcycle in the world – 22 meters image

The longest motorcycle in the world was built by a British plumber and is 22 meters long, his creation being awarded by Guinness World Records.

According to the “father” of the motorcycle, the vehicle was made using a 125 cc scooter which suffered some modifications on its suspension, being fitted with an aluminum frame and able to transport up to 25 people with a 55 km/h top speed.

“When I first got on it I didn’t think it was going to work. It is almost impossible to keep it on the road at low speeds. It all becomes easier once you get the hang of it but cornering is almost impossible. This motorcycle was built so hard and I think it is almost impossible to make one even longer. I think this record will be kept for quite some time”, said Colin Furze, the British plumber.

In order to homologate the new record Furze had to drive the motorcycle for at least 100 meters but the British man went further than that and drove it for 1 mile. The old record was held by a 14 meters long motorcycle.