The German based automaker Gumpert has recently announced that the company is filing for a provisional insolvency because a lack of sales.

The financial crisis is hitting everywhere and even if you are a car manufacturer, chances are that you will have to cut some costs in order to keep producing vehicles. But when your operations are small, insolvency is the answer. After SAAB went through some tough times, DeTomaso going bankrupt, Melkus filing for insolvency and General Motors hitting a brick wall, Gumpert is just one of many car manufacturers whose future doesn’t seem to be bright.

“The Apollo has gained an exclusive fan base throughout Germany and Europe. Now we have taken care of this customer base intensely. Production continues and we hope to sell the first vehicle within this week”, as Roland Gumpert, the company’s founder, said in a statement.

According to the German car manufacturer, the company was forced to apply for the insolvency proceedings but even if the situation doesn’t look pretty at all, the Gumpert court-appointed administrator is actually optimistic about a recovery. A cash infusion possibility is being discussed by Gumpert with its investors.


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