Gumpert Tornante leaked image

The production version of the Gumpert Tornante has recently leaked all over the web in what appear to be official images.

Things weren’t looking so good for the German based automaker a few months ago when the company’s insolvency has been officially announced but after getting over the hard times, the carmaker is now looking forward, towards a bright future. Part of that future will also be a brand new sports car which will be named the Tornante, being based on the Touring Concept unveiled last year, during the 2011 Geneva Motor Show.

The Gumpert Tornante is being placed into the spotlights for the first time by the guys at, who have managed to get their hands on some official images with the model, where we can see the exterior design of the sports car. Unfortunately we don’t have any official performance figures for the Gumpert Tornante, but the Touring Concept, on which the model is being based, came with a bi-turbo V8 engine, which was producing a total output of 690 HP (515 kW), enough to allow the model to reach a top speed of 300 km/h (186 mph). More details on the Tornante will be announced probably next year, ahead of its debut.

Source: WCF