Guy steals Ferrari, gets caught, steals it again from Police impound lot image

A man from Los Angeles has stolen a black Ferrari 458 Spider, he was caught by the police only to steal it the second day from the police impound lot.

Earnie Hooks is a man from Los Angeles with a passion for fast supercars. Nothing strange so far, except the fact that his “baby” has been acquired in an “unorthodox” manner. The man has stolen it and he was first stopped at a drunken driving checkpoint, where the policemen discovered that it was reported missing. The supercar was taken to the police impound and somehow, the man was set free, probably until trial.

But Earnie is not your usual suspect because he got so attached to the black Ferrari 458 Spider that he decided to steal it again. He went to the police impound the next morning, at 3 a.m., and he managed to get his hands back on the Italian ride. He got to enjoy it for another five days before being arrested near his Studio City home, behind the wheel of the 458. My guess is that the vehicle needs to be carefully hidden away, because it’s just a matter of time until he will be set free, once more.