Half-burned Lamborghini Gallardo in Malaysia image

Even if the world economy is going down supercar owners are multiplying by the day and when you have more exotic cars on the road you will always have spectacular crashes that will ruin them and drivers will end up on the news.

Even if most supercar crashes happen because of their drivers, this driver was unlucky and while cruising on a spectacular road in Nukit Damansara, a Malaysian region, he saw the flames quickly gaining up on him from the car’s rear end and after he pulled over he had nothing else to do than watch his expensive Gallardo burn.


“I was going down a slope when I noticed smoke in the engine. Then I had to witness the car, which I had for more than three years, burn down. I was very attached to it”, said the driver.

The 30 year old man said that a possible fuel leak could have started the fire and the investigation of the crash will determine if he can ask for compensation.