Again in France! New Law Halts SUVs in Paris image

After they introduced the new road rule that is a stupidity in our opinion and not only ( read more here ), now, Parisian lawmakers are considering new regulations that would outlaw SUVs and other highly-polluting vehicles from entering the city limits.
Denis Baupin, an environmental official in the mayor’s office, said Wednesday that sport utility vehicles and old diesel cars are likely to be targeted in upcoming test restrictions.

To any Parisian who drives an SUV, Baupin’s advice is: “Sell it and buy a vehicle that’s compatible with city life. SAY WHAT ??? But what If you live let’s say at Chamonix. So if you just got a new Range Rover, you will have to take the train to get inside PARIS! ???? Why ? Because is an SUV ! Oh come ‘on …

The Environment Ministry says officials in each city are still discussing precisely how the restrictions would work — what types of cars would be affected, in what neighborhoods, during what hours or periods of the year. Exact penalties are also an open question.

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  • LeRoy

    In contrary to the pedestrian rule, I really approve this law. I don't see the point in having those car in town. Here in germany you see more and more suvs in town taking 2 parking lots at once since their's too big (and the parking places quite small).