Hamad bin Hamdan Al Nahyan Writes His Name in the Sand image

Abu Dhabi Oil Sheikh Has “HAMAD” Written in Letters Visible from Space! Say what?

Indeed, the 63 old billionaire has a lot of money and wants the whole world to know it.
Stretching two and a half miles wide and nearly nine football fields (back to back) high, giant capital letters spell out “HAMAD” on an island in the Persian Gulf

The tip of the “H” reaches into the strait that leads to the Arabian Gulf, allowing Hamad to fill the first two letters of his name with water. The “M” looks partially filled as well.

The canals for the name were dug for weeks by laborers, but there’s no indication of the cost of the project. More, if all letters are filled with water, it’s likely that the canals could be used for a marina.

Anyway, according to Wikipedia, Hamad bin Hamdan has one of the largest car collections in the world at over 200 cars and trucks which are stored http://www.enam.ae in a pyramid that he purpose built, outside Abu Dhabi.