Hamann tunes the great-looking Jaguar F-Pace to a new state of power image

The F-Pace, the first ever crossover for the British brand, is already a roaring sales success – and as such it’s getting now the attention of German-oriented aftermarket specialists as well.

Case in point, Hamann has decided to take a break from its usual roster of BMW models and worked on a bespoke F-Pace. The model had a late debut at the Geneva Motor Show – which is why we didn’t catch it in our regular coverage – but if you’re visiting the show you can see it next to that widebody Range Rover Evoque Cabriolet. Back to the point, the F-Pace is a blacked out serious showcase of power – with massive 23-inch wheels, though you can also get the Anniversary Evo II alloys in 22-inch with a silver, black or graphite gray hue. The rest of the design details are actually pretty restrained – but we didn’t expect anything else from Hamann.

Hamann tunes the great-looking Jaguar F-Pace to a new state of power 7

As for the power department, it thoroughly matches the enhanced looks. For example, the aftermarket specialist is taking care of all fans. If you love the 3-liter supercharged V6 then you can rise from 380 to 410 PS and 510 Nm (+50Nm) of torque – thanks to a free-flow exhaust and chip tweaking. For diesel aficionados, the tuner has the three liter going up from 300 to 340 PS and 780 Nm (+80Nm) – at the back we do have a quad exhaust system so anyone can understand there’s more power than show here.