Hamann’s BMW M2 is a personality choice image

The aftermarket specialists that like to usually cater for the Bavarian marque’s products have decided the new kid on the block – the M2 – deserves their attention, so they turned it into a polarizing model.

The latest body kit is certainly going to attract your attention and we bet most of the BMW fans will appreciate the changes. This is because it’s not really that overboard as in other cases and eschews the feeling of being cartoonish. Customers can have a new front splitter with additional inlets, lower side sills and a refreshed rear bumper with a subtle diffuser, as well as trunk lid spoiler with tiny winglets on each side. What’s truly polarizing is the use of a bespoke color for the wheels – which is certainly not everyone’s taste.


Never mind color choices, the mechanical upgrade is the calling card of this M2 – the 3.0-liter turbocharged inline-six now breaths through 414 horsepower (309 kilowatts) and 391 pound-feet (530 Newton-meters) compared to the regular’s 365 hp (272 kW) and 343 lb-ft (465 Nm). The model also gets stainless-steel sports exhaust –with carbon fiber, silver, or anodized black finish for the outlets. Better yet, Hamann’s parts provide factory-like upgrades to the M2, so the eager fan doesn’t have to wait for the automaker to actually come with its own special series M2.