Oct.7 (GMM/Inautonews.com) Felipe Massa has revealed he is still “angry and disappointed” with his 2008 championship rival Lewis Hamilton.

The pair had a minor on-track incident in Singapore two weeks ago and later clashed again in the television interview ‘pen’.

But what really angered Massa, he confided to German television RTL, was that the McLaren driver refused to make eye-contact when he wanted to privately discuss the track incident afterwards.

“I’m still angry and also disappointed on the human level,” said the Brazilian. “Unfortunately I was not able to reach him by phone either.

“He behaves like a superstar. I’m not going anywhere but he will have to come to me,” added Massa.

The commentators for BBC radio in Japan on Friday morning revealed that Hamilton seemed close to tears as he spoke to reporters 24 hours ago.

“Am I in the best place in my life? No, there’s been a lot of negative stories,” said the Briton.

As for Massa’s attitude? “I’m just focusing on my own racing. Maybe he should do the same,” added Hamilton.

  • Paul

    Hamilton is a superstar – a great talent and a thoughtful man.
    Massa is a stupid, talentless, moronic, jumped-up, annoying, pathetic little loser who accepts no responsibility for his own idiotic actions. The most charitable explanation would be that he suffers residual brain damage from his accident. Either way, the day that this no-hoper is consigned to the ranks of the unemployed and becomes a quickly forgotten foot note in F1 history while Lewis adds more championships, the better!
    Be good for Ferrari to get a decent number 2. Good riddance to bad rubbish and so long no-hoper, back to Brazil with you.

  • Paul

    more idiocy from Massa today in Japan during and after the race – sure Lewis shouldn;t have moved over but, hey, it happens to everyone, Felipe,. Who will Ferrari sign to replace the bungling Brazilian buffoon? What a loser!